My Food Bucketlist

So here's my Food Bucketlist! - the places that I want to go and eat at :)

At the moment these are all from Melbourne, but maybe I'll add some when I know I'm going overseas. I keep this list pretty updated because there's always new places I want to try haha

A few of these (the ones crossed out) I've already went to before I start this blog so I only have photos on my phone and not on my camera. Hmmm, maybe I can just do some picture posts when I find some spare time or something just so I have a log of everything.

So I guess then this is my Food Bucketlist (transferred from my diary LOL):

1. Hammer & Tong (Fitzroy)
2. Bowery to Williamsburg (CBD)
3. Nshry (Albert Park)
4. Krimper (CBD)
5. Top Paddock (Richmond)
6. Auction Rooms (North Melbourne)
7. Industry Beans (Fitzroy)
8. Third Wave (South Yarra/Toorak)
9. Operator25 (West Melbourne)
10. Fukuryu Ramen (CBD)
11. Kong BBQ (Richmond)
12. Chez Dré (South Melbourne)
13. MoVida (CBD)
14. 8bit (Footscray)
15. Supernormal (CBD)
16. Lucy Liu (CBD)
17. Miss Katie's Crab Shack (West Melbourne)
18. New Shanghai (CBD)
19. Jinda Thai (Richmond)
20. Om Nom Dessert Bar (CBD)
21. Wonderbao (CBD)
22. Trunk Diner (CBD)
23. Father's Office Speakeasy (CBD)
24. Vue de Monde (CBD)
25. Shophouse Kitchen (CBD)
26. Proud Marys (Collingwood)
27. 7Apples (St Kilda)
28. Shortstop Coffee & Donuts (CBD)
29. Mamasita (CBD)
30. Meatmaiden (CBD)
31. Naked for Satan (Fitzroy)
32. Twenty & Six (North Melbourne)
33. Beatrix (North Melbourne)
34. Stovetop (Carlton)
35. Dukes Coffee Roaster (Prahran)
36. Peko Peko (South Melbourne)
37. Three Bags Full (Richmond)
38. St Ali (South Melbourne)
39. Axil Coffee Roasters (Hawthorn)
40. Jimmy Grants (Fitzroy)
41. The Grain Store (CBD)
42. Brother Baba Budan (CBD)
43. Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie (St Kilda)
44. Shandong Mama (CBD)
45. Hakata Gensuke Ramen & Tsukemen Professional (CBD)
46. Pana Chocolate (Richmond)
47. Vegie Bar (Fitzroy)
48. Raw Trader (CBD)
49. Nieuw Amsterdam (CBD)
50. Kinfolk (CBD)
51. The Merrywell (Southbank)
52. Vincent the Dog (Carlton)
53. Nora (Calrton)



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