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So every Thursday after theory class and before our cookery class we have about an hour or an hour and a half depending on when we finish to go and have lunch. So far we've always gone across the road to eat at Tokyo Maki but Sophie had been telling us about a Korean place up the road on Lt Lonsdale so we decided that she will be mother duck today and we will follow her. It turns out the place she wanted to go to had construction or something so we walked a little further up Lt Lonsdale, turned down Healeys Lane and came across 68 Degrees.

From the outside it looked pretty neat, but quiet, I don't think there was anyone inside when we arrived. We had a look at the menu and thought why not so we went in and got seated.

The menu was pretty simple. I think they're only open for lunch from what I saw on Urbanspoon. The main dishes were either $9.80 or $12.80 and a can of soft drink for an extra $1 - so pretty good from the get go.

Though it was hard to say what type of food they offered. By reading the menu it looked to be Malaysian but on the wall decorations and some of their advertisements were in Korean (but I don't remember Korean food being offered).

Bamsae = Night Birds in Korean
Anyways, while we were looking at a menu we got in contact with Kristen who had just finished her test and didn't know where we were so I told the others what I wanted to order and walked back to WAI to collect her. So shortly after I arrived our food came out! And here's what we all got:

My Curry Chicken with Roti Bread - so much roti!! :D
Panee's Won Ton Noodle Soup
Sara's and Bernice's House Special Salt & Pepper Chicken Ribs on Rice
Chrissy's House Special Calamari on Rice
Kristen's Special Fried Rice
and Sophie's Soft Shell Crab Curry Laksa
Firstly, the portions were absolutely huge!! I think only a few of us actually finished our meals. And secondly most of us enjoyed our dishes too. I quite liked my curry, nothing out of the ordinary but the one plus was that the roti was fresh - and there was so much of it as well! Everyone's dishes were hugeeee!! I tried almost everyones and really did enjoy them but some complained that their salted dishes were too salty - though with rice it was fine I thought.

When Soph's Soft Shell Crab Curry Laksa came out though, I had instant regrets! IT LOOKED AMAZEBALLS!! I think if we ever come back again then I'd definitely want to get that.

Overall, I thought the place was good. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary - but the Soft Shell Crab Curry Laksa definitely stood out, though it is very good food for the price that it was and they food came out pretty quickly as well. The waiting staff were also very attentive and were happy and smiley when they served us. They also allowed for us to split the bill and pay separately when we left - it was definitely more effort on their behalf so that was pretty cool that they did so.

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