Claypots Seafood and Wine

Fridays are my most favourite days because I get to go play after class finishes! And this Friday was no different :D

Michael had invited me to come have dinner with him at Claypots Seafood and Bar. So after hanging out with Sophie and Josh after class, I then made my way to St Kilda where the restaurant was. Luckily for me, I met Michael and Nelson pretty much as soon as they parked so we then went to find the restaurant together.

To be honest we had difficulty LOL. From what we could see there wasn't a sign outside saying the restaurant name so we went by the address number - Michael went into the restaurant to ask if it was the right place while Nelson and I waited outside haha and when he confirmed that it was the right restaurant we walked in and got seated.

Look for the colourful exterior!
As soon as we sat down we got served some complimentary bread with what was not a butter as I first thought LOL but more of a yoghurt spread something - I love fresh bread! So whilst we all ate that, Michael decided what to order and we were set for a tasty night.

Bread and not butter
So while we waited for our food I took a few pictures of the restaurant. The atmosphere of it was really good! It felt very European-esque with an outside dining area, plants crawling the walls and hand written menus in chalk spread across the interior (I've never been to Europe but this is how I'd imagine some of their restaurants to look like haha).

Pretty decorations in the outside part of the restaurant
We ordered three dishes to share between the three of us. To be honest, I didn't pay attention to what Michael ordered so I don't remember any of the names of the dishes and the pricing either - soz guys! But I can definitely remember how good each dish was :D

The first dish that came out was the grilled octopus. I can't remember the last time I've had octopus - squid plenty of times but not octopus. It was really soft and tender, perfectly seasoned once the lemon wedge was squeezed on top. The dish itself from memory had potato scallops, capsicum, red onion, tomatoes, some chillies and of course the giant grilled leg of octopus.

Shortly after the grilled octopus came out, this giant plate of seafood came too! I'm so glad there was only three of us because on the plate there was pretty much three of the important stuff - three prawns and three crabs :D and a few mussels on top of a bed of glutinous rice. The dish altogether was my favourite of the three because I love crab and mussels. Mussels are my favourite seafood but to be honest they were a bit disappointing in this dish - they weren't plump and big but rather tiny and shrunken away. The crab though was not a disappointment - a little messy to eat, but totally worth it! And the prawns would have to have been the biggest I've ever had! The rice on the bottom was also a surprise. I didn't realise there was any and it was really good - some sauce (my memories a bit vague now) that definitely had ginger - and chillies too according to Nelson, but I didn't hit any of that haha

Giant prawn!
And the final dish was I think a Singaporean Claypot. I can't remember everything that was in here cause the boys started eating before me while I was happily eating my crab, and because I can't eat as much as them I didn't touch this dish too much. Though I do remember bread - there was quite a lot of bread in the sauce haha.

Overall, probably the best seafood I can remember having in a while - for the price that we paid, and the freshness of everything, definitely worth it and I'd recommend this restaurant to everyone and would come back soon when I'm craving seafood :)

So filled, we then decided to get dessert just down the road at 7Apples.

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Date visited: 31/10/14


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  2. Claypots Seafood and Bar is one of my favourite destination for seafood. Just love the variety of seafood dishes also the atmosphere is very calm and pleasing. Value for money seafood restaurant. Would recommend it to all seafood lovers. Cheers!



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