So Wonderbao has been on my Food Bucketlist even before I knew I had a food bucketlist haha, and today I finally got a chance to try it!

I've now decided that Tuesday will be the day where I get my butt outta bed a little bit earlier than I have to, and go and get lunch before my class which starts at 12.30pm - and that's exactly what I did today :D

I set my alarm for 9.30am (but lazed in bed for a good 30 minutes before I got out LOL) and got up, packed my uniform, my books, grabbed my camera and drove 30 seconds out to the train station - because walking for 5 minutes is just too long.. please don't judge! So by 11ish I was off the train at Melbourne Central ready for lunch - which I had decided last night that it would be Wonderbao then Shortstop.

Ok, to be honest, it took me way longer than it should have to find Wonderbao. Maybe if I had read Urbanspoon properly, then I would have seen that you had to walk down the hall of a building - but I didn't haha and just wandered for a good 10 minutes before I checked again and saw.

And when I found it the first thing I said to the girl serving me was "It took me so long to find you!".. and she just smiled at me. The place though is cute and smells real good.

It's really just tucked into the corner of the hallway and faces out into a graffitied alleyway, so you have a scenery to look at while you dine in.

While looking at the menu I knew that I wanted to get the Fried Silky Tofu Gua Bao but I wasn't too sure whether to get the Braised or the Roast Pork, so I asked the girl who served me what her favourite was and she recommended both the tofu and the braised pork - so that's what I got.

The Fried Silky Tofu Gua Bao ($4.20) was really good! I love silken tofu anything and so this was definitely perfect and something that I'd typically go for. The tofu was coated and fried in what seemed to be some kind of light batter (I could be wrong though, don't kill me!) because the outta crispy shell had some flavour to it. The bun was fluffy and all of the ingredients such as the pickled mustard, sweet soy sauce, peanuts and coriander all were balanced I thought.

Wahh, the Braised Pork Belly Gua Bao ($4.20). Just thinking about it makes me happy. As expected, the flavours matched what I thought it'd be in my head and I really enjoyed it. The meat wasn't tough because I mean, it is pork belly and its been braised.. if that makes sense at all LOL. By the time I finished the tofu bao and got to this one, the sauce had soaked into the bun and sadly it broke underneath in half - SAD FACE, but nonetheless I still powered onwards and ate my bun.

So overall, Wonderbao lived up to my expectations, I mean, I don't think you can really mess up baos and I'd definitely pop back in (now that I know exactly where it is) and grab a few baos if I'm hungry. Though the only little thing was that damn these were messy to eat! I kept having to squish everything back into the bun because they kept falling out LOL but hey, I'm not complaining about the buns being over stuffed.

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