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APOLOGIES TO ANYONE WHO READS ME!! I have not written a post I reckon for over two months cause honestly, I just got really busy with school and work and the rest of the time I spent sleeping ready for the next day LOL. I actually lined up a lot of posts ready to be written or to upload photos but life really got in the way and I never made it onto a computer to edit and post. So the plan is to keep writing now that it is a new year and try and document my life once more (third time lucky? haha). I'm still going to post all of the food places I've been too (there's sooo much, please look forward to them!) but I might just do picture posts because I can't remember details anymore ROFL

ANYWAYS, on Fridays, Michael, Nelson and I usually go a get food together. I can't remember when it started, but I feel that almost every Friday now we go and do something together. So on Friday we were all meant to meet at the Dan Murphy's carpark at 11.30am. Turns out Nelson was gonna be late and had pushed it back to 12 so I had time to go and get my friend a birthday present before I met the boys. We didn't end up meeting till past 12 LOL cause Nelson was late. Anyways, we all got into Michael's car and off we went to Hawthorn to Crapabble Kitchen.

My first thoughts of the place was that it was really homely and everything looked really comfortable, also that the front of house was very organised. It seemed that all of the more higher up staff all had ear pieces in and were communicating altogether - something I haven't seen yet in a cafe and I thought that was interesting. So we were given the menu and we decided what we wanted. I was tossing up the risotto and something from the breakfast menu which I can't remember now. Turns out Michael was looking at the risotto too so he offered just to order for us along with Nelson's steak sandwich.

Lemon and Parmesan Risotto with Surf Clams

Spiced Duck Meatballls

Crabapple Sliders

Steak Sandwich

Inside of the Steak Sandwich - so good!
My favourite would have to have been the Steak Sandwich because the meat just melts in your mouth. I was expecting it to be quite tough but it was really tender and if I come back, I'd definitely get this again. And also thank you Nelly for cutting me a smaller piece and getting me to try it even though I was insistent not too becuase I wouldn't have been able to taste such deliciousness else wise :) The risotto was ok, nothing extraordinary. Michael and I both agreed that it was very rich as you could taste the butter throughout it and that it was a bit heavy, but I did like the surf clams. The meatballs I felt were a bit dry, though the spices were nice. And the sliders were ok as well - nothing too special again. Dessert though I enjoyed.

Eton Mess
We were so close to ordering both desserts, but then we went with the sensible option and only ordered one to share cause we were going to Suzuran afterwards. I liked it. All the elements to the plate were interesting and the flavours went well together but again, it wasn't anything unexpected or out of the ordinary. Though I'd really like to mention that service was amazing. I didn't felt as though I was being pressured into a corner to decide what I wanted to order, out plates were cleared when we we were done - but not too quickly, and my glass of water was always kept full. Staff was very attentive, friendly and not too in your face.

So after we finished at Crabapple Kitchen, we got back into Michael's car and drove about 8 minutes to Suzuran which was in Camberwell. Suzuran is a Japaenese mart but also has a sushi ordering bar kind of thing. We walked around the mart bit first and bought some things.. Nelson bought lots LOL and ate them while we were waiting for the sushi that Michael had ordered. Inside the mart, they had signs up saying you couldn't eat or drink - but being us we did. Nelson managed to finish a tub of ice cream but as soon as I started I got told off, so unfair ): so Michael and I left Nelson to wait for the sushi while we finished my ice cream outside.

The sushi - really good!
By that time it was past 3pm and I had work at 4pm so we drove back to the Glen so I could get my car and head off. I ate a few pieces of the sushi on the car cause we weren't gonna have time and I ended up texting work and telling them I would be late cause we were stuck in traffic for a bit (ended up being 20 mins late LOL! YOLO). Thank god I was prepared and brought my uniform with me just in case, I had thought that morning, so off I went straight to work while Michael and Nelly killed some time I think at Mikey's before their movie started at 7.20pm.

I had work from 4-9.30pm. Work was work like normal but I was excited to finish cause I was gonna meet back with everyone at Dessert Story after I finished and they finished their movie - and that's exactly what we did! Alongside the two, Brandon, Mikey, Megan and Bryan were there and it was good to see them cause I hadn't in awhile - especially Megan and Bryan. We ordered two things to share and talked till it was late and then we split ways and I took Brandon home. Going home with Brandon is always fun. I can't remember what we actually talk about but there's always laughter and the ride home feels very short. And so after dropping Brandon off, I headed home myself and watched some TV with Dave before we both went to bed.


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