Shortstop Coffee & Donuts

After my little kinda failed adventure to finding Wonderbao I hoped that finding Shortstop was going to be much easier - but knowing me, it wasn't haha.

See, late last night I had screenshotted where both of these places were (because I'm capped D: ! one week without data.. so sad), yet I didn't screenshot either addresses.. just roughly where it was on a map LOL. And you see, it started drizzling down as well and there was construction on Sutherland St so I was a bit blinded by where it was located - and I was trying to keep my camera from getting wet as well!

.. so I did a loop up LaTrobe St and down Queen St and up Guildford Ln (where I saw Krimper! which I now know where it is and its another one on my Food Bucketlist - so that's a plus!) all in the rain and at the end of Guildford I saw Shortstop which I kinda ran towards because I was really starting to get wet.

And wahh, it was so nice and cozy inside.

At the counter you're greeted by the donuts that are available that day. Ok, so if you know me then you know that I am horrible at making decisions on the spot - especially when it comes to food choices, so I usually avoid all long awkward pauses by deciding what I want before I go to a new place - it's just so much easier! So coming into the store, I already knew I was going to order an Earl Grey & Rose and an Australian Honey and Sea Salt Cruller. Sadly for me, they didn't have that cruller in the display! Thanks to my quick thinking (LOL! I kid I kid, I kinda panicked a bit on the inside..) and also talking with the girl who served me, I ordered the New Orleans Iced Coffee Cruller instead.

So I waited on the side where my donuts were put onto plates and then luckily a couple left so I was offered to sit down on one of the three little tables they had against the window. And that's what I did. I was also brought a cup of carbonated water shortly as I settled into the warmth.

So the New Orleans Iced Coffee Cruller ($4) was just a little bit amazing - I KID! I absoutely loved it! I didn't think that it'd be as fluffy, light and porous as the donut was - you can see in the picture just above.. LOOK AT THOSE AIR BUBBLES! Because it was so light, and because of the glaze on the outside, the whole donut literally just melts in your mouth *drools*

And the other one I got was the Earl Grey & Rose Cake ($4.50). For the longest time, before I ate something new or just before I ate, I would just firstly eat with my eyes, as in by just looking at it and then with my mouth. But a few months ago I was taught by my friend to eat not only with your eyes and your mouth, but with all five sense. So firstly, you can hear what is surrounding you, then you look at what is in front of you - your food, then you smell it (and I guess, if its acceptable you can poke it around to see everything on the plate LOL!) and then finally you taste it - that way you get the full experience of eating something. So I broke this donut in half and brought it up to my nose - and wow, it smelled amazing. I didn't think the earl grey would be so present but it definitely was.

Now, here was the point where I looked up and then processed what I'd just done - and was met with the eyes of one of the other guys who was working there. He smiled and asked me how everything was - "it's really really good!" I tell him, "I can really smell the earl grey in the donut" and then we had a good chat about the donut itself. He was telling me they actually source the tea from not too far away - at Storm in a Teacup actually "48 Smith St in Collingwood" and that they go through so much tea that "they actually just specially order it in for us now because we use so much" and I said that I would definitely check them out soon.

And by now I've finished both of my donuts and was ready to leave. But hey, I thought to myself, Dave would kill me if I didn't bring any home to him (cause I'd mentioned I was coming here to him last night), so I got up, looked at the display again to see what he'd like. The same guy served me and saw that I was wearing my William Angliss jumper and asked what I was studying, "patisserie, though I'm only five weeks in" I told him and he replied with "actually my head chef studied there, and most of the other chefs too". Only then did it hit me why this person looked so familiar - he was one of the co-founders of Shortstop, Anthony Ivey - no wonder he knew so much! So I told him that I actually came because I really wanted to try the Australian Honey and Sea Salt Cruller ($4) - and luckily for me, they'd just been finished, so I grabbed one of those and a Peanut Butter and Jam ($5) to take home for Dave.

While I waited for them to be packaged I saw the display counter with all the donuts and lets just say birds were chirping happily in my head.

I was given my bags of donuts - one in each I was told "cause they can be a bit messy" and off I went to class.

Unfortunately for them, they had to stay in my locker until I finished at around 8pm so I was a bit worried that they would be crushed - but they survived cause I took special care to keep them up-straight and at the front as you can see below haha

And they made it home in one piece for Dave.

Overall, I loved the atmosphere of the shop including the staff - and the donuts were amazing too! Definitely going to be coming back cause I think may have made a few people from class jealous cause I didn't get any for them haha

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